Open Source Summer School

Internal Affairs

Resources used are:

  • Wiki, use account to authenticate
  • Git repository:
  • Public resources folder:


  • Sessions should be linked in the Curriculum page.
    • Create a link through an internal wiki link such as :curriculum:programming (programming being the name of the wiki page you wish to create).
  • You may use this page as a sample.

Git Repository

  • Talk to Răzvan about getting access.
  • The repository URL is
  • The two basic use cases are:
    • Publishing LaTeX Beamer slides: use the slides/ folder and browse the README file.
    • Publishing task archives: use the tasks/ folder and browse the README file.
  • Through the use of Git post-receive hooks, results are published, respectively, in the slides resource folder and the tasks resource folder.

Publishing Slides

  • Slides need to be published as PDF files (you may also provide another format but PDF is mandatory).
  • In case of using LaTeX beamer in the Git repository, slides are automatically published in the public slides resource folder.
  • In case of non-Beamer slides, please copy them in the, published here.
  • Invited talks slides are to be published in the the folder, published here.

Public Resources Folder

  • May be accessed by following this link:
  • It is populated either by direct copying (probably through SSH) or through the post-receive hooks mentioned above in the resource folder:
  • Currently there are four folders:
    • slides/ – automatic publishing of LaTeX Beamer slides in the Git repository
    • tasks/ – automatic publishing of archived tasks in the Git repository
    • slides-no-beamer/ – slides (PDF) non-Beamer (not stored in the repository)
    • slides-invited/ – slides for invited speakers


  • June 6 - June 15: Application period
  • Monday, June 22, 2015: intro of OSSS - presentation of people involved
  • June 23-26, June 29-July 3, 2015: presentations and hackathons
  • Friday, July 3, 2015: presentation of project outcomes, diplomas and prizes, closing
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