June 17-28, 2013 Open Source Summer School
  • Final test results - Open Source Summer School 2013
  1. What is Open Source?
    • Jason: contribute & share
    • Emanuel: Open Source is a way to make software development available to everyone (in the way that everyone can contribute to projects, and not only some specialists).As a consequence, an open source product is also free.
    • Alex Florea: comunity, contributing to projects, learning from others
    • Bogdan(Bugy): Friendly community
    • Georgiana: Open Source is an opportunity to meet great people and to get involve in a lot of projects in order to become better and better.
    • Cristian: The most important thing about Open Source is the free share of knowledge and code between members of open source communities.
  2. Why choose open source(what are the advantages)?
    • Alex F.: To change the world
    • Victor: It is free and everybody can contribute
    • Alex Stăncioiu: Because you can be part of a community, share ideas freely and make yourself known in the field of computer science.
    • Remus: On of the main advantage is that you can learn a lot from other peoples work.
    • Andrei Țuicu: Given that anyone can read the code you/someone wrote it is very easy to solve bugs and improve it with new features. Anyoane can that what you/someone wrote and add his new idea.
    • Alexandra: Open source is a way to learn from others and to meet new interesting people
    • Timur: Open source is the free equivalent of other proprietary products. Its code is available to anyone and it leaves the opportunity to make it better regardless of culture, location. The power of the community is a force to be reckoned with.
    • Costin: You can see others code, others can see your code and help you, you can also learn from the code you see, and I think that is a great advantage.
    • Alex Cojocaru: First it's free,then you can contribute to open source projects,you can communicate with the open source community
  3. How do you contribute?
    • Jason: Git fork and pull request :x
    • Alexandra: vim, github, asking for help
    • Alex Stăncioiu: you can always find projects on git ! :D
    • Bogdan: If you have a good idea, write code!
    • Emanuel: The best way to contribute is either to find an open source project on the web, find bugs or think about new facilities
  4. What about wrinting code??
    • Andrei: You should always practice a good coding style so your code can be easy to read. Otherwise no one will bother. :(
    • Remus: If you want to write code it will be more readable if you respect some rules of coding style.
    • Alexandra: Readable code
    • Alex Florea: you write code in vim
    • Radu:writing code is not only for the one who writes it, but mostly for the other contributors. That's why we should consider conding-style advice
    • Andrei: writing code is not only for the one who writes it, but mostly for the other contributors. That's why we should consider conding-style advice
  5. How do i send my work?
    • Alexandra: Git
    • Georgiana: I can use github to share my work with another people
    • Alex Florea: You commit it
    • Jason: Github
    • Remus: I send my work by uploading on internet to be visible for the others and assemble the projects.
    • Alex Stăncioiu: I upload it on github, no ?!
    • Costin: You put it on github, and everyone can see it.
    • Radu: Using version control systems like git
    • Andrei: There are many ways. One of them is github with three easy steps: 1) gitt add 2) git commit 3) git push :)


  • Monday, June 17: intro of OSSS: presentation of people involved, curriculum, projects, selection of projects
  • June 18-21, 23-26: presentations and hackathons
  • Friday, June 27: presentation of project outcomes, diplomas and prizes, closing
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